We invite you to a large caravanning on Lake Baikal across Russia! From July 15 to August 23, 2019 — Дом в дорогу

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We invite you to a large caravanning on Lake Baikal across Russia!

From July 15 to August 23, 2019


We are glad to welcome you on our website "Dom v dorogu". In 2019, from July 15 to August 23, an incredible journey to Lake Baikal will take place across Russia at motorhomes.

We invite you to this amazing journey. Visit the forests of Siberian taiga, enjoy the sounds of Siberian nature, plunge into the cleanest lakes and rivers, learn the history of the largest cities of Russia and see the sights, look at the cleanest and deepest lake on the planet, the largest natural reservoir of fresh water - Lake Baikal.

We will visit some of the largest cities of Russia, such as Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Novosibirsk and many others. All these we will see in our fascinating journey!



No. point
Average speed on the site
1 15.07.2019         Meeting place for caravanning participants
  16.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
2 16.07.2019 10:16 12:16 30 8 Crossing the border.
(We recommend with empty tanks)
2:00  54°25'54.99"N
3 16.07.2019 13:58 15:58 70 119 Crossing the Russian-Lithuanian border. It is advisable to refuel 2:00  55° 4'55.61"N
4 16.07.2019 19:45 20:15 70 265 Arrival at Camping Vilnius City 0:30 54°40'47.70"N
5 16.07.2019 20:25 22:25 40 7 Vilnius. Old city  2:00 54°40'40.83"N
6 16.07.2019 22:36   40 7 Overnight at the campsite Vilnius City   54°40'47.70"N
  17.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
7 17.07.2019 13:34 14:34 70 250 Latvia Camping Siveri   1:00 56° 1'23.00"N
8 17.07.2019 15:06 17:06 70 38 Visit to Rāzna National Park 2:00 56°16'1.55"N
9 17.07.2019 17:39   70 38 Camping Arrival   56° 1'23.00"N
  18.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
10 18.07.2019 11:54 13:54 70 134 Crossing the Russian-Latvian border  2:00 56°53'56.53"N
11 18.07.2019 16:56 17:26 70 212 We stop at the parking lot of Great Luke 0:30 56°19'54.21"N
12 18.07.2019 17:35 18:35 30 4,3 Great Luke Fortress 1:00  56°20'33.53"N
13 18.07.2019 18:45 19:45 30 5,2 Temple in the name of St. Tikhon 1:00 56°21'0.68"N
14 18.07.2019 19:53   30 3,8 Arriving at the parking lot   56°19'54.21"N
  19.07.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
15 19.07.2019 15:50 16:20 70 479 "Sokolniki" camping 0:30 55°48'56.94"N
16 19.07.2019 16:49 17:49 30 15 Christ the Savior Cathedral 1:00  55°44'40.70"N
17 19.07.2019 18:13 20:13 20 8 Bolshoi Moscow Theater 2:00  55°45'36.48"N
18 19.07.2019 20:16 21:16 20 1 Red Square 1:00  55°45'14.15"N
19 19.07.2019 21:46   30 15 Camping Arrival "Sokolniki"   55°48'56.94"N
  20.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
20 20.07.2019 15:55 16:25 70 415 Arriving at the parking lot of Nizhny Novgorod 0:30 56°19'1.31"N
21 20.07.2019 16:49 17:29 20 8 Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin 0:40  56°19'34.93"N
 44° 0'12.83"E
22 20.07.2019 17:38 18:18 20 3  Annunciation Monastery, 0:40 56°19'21.29"N
23 20.07.2019 18:42 20:42 50 20 Nizhny Novgorod cableway 2:00 56°21'15.44"N
 44° 3'39.42"E
24 20.07.2019 21:06   50 20 Arriving at the parking lot of Nizhny Novgorod   56°19'1.31"N
  21.07.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
25 21.07.2019 14:46 15:16 70 404 Arrival at the Hotel Regatta
Regatta Hotel Kazan
0:30 55°45'26.42"N
49° 8'21.46"E
26 21.07.2019 15:34 16:34 30 9 Kul-Sharif 1:00  55°47'54.14"N
49° 6'18.85"E
27 21.07.2019 16:37 18:37 20 1 Kazan Kremlin 2:00  55°47'57.68"N
49° 6'21.60"E
28 21.07.2019 19:07   20 10 Arrival at the Hotel Regatta
Regatta Hotel Kazan
49° 8'21.46"E
  22.07.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
29 22.07.2019 16:53 17:53 70 552 Arrival at the camping M5 Ufa 1:00 54°39'53.66"N
30 22.07.2019 18:29 18:49 30 18 Salavat Yulaev Mosque 0:20  54°43'2.35"N
31 22.07.2019 19:01 19:31 20 4 Monument Mustai Karim 0:30 54°43'52.01"N
32 22.07.2019 19:37 20:37 20 2 Monument to Salavat Yulaev 1:00 54°43'23.76"N
33 22.07.2019 21:00   60 23 Arrival at the camping M5 Ufa   54°39'53.66"N
  23.07.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
34 23.07.2019 15:07 15:37 70 429 We stop at the parking lot in Chelyabinsk 0:30 55°10'31.38"N
35 23.07.2019 15:57 17:57 30 10 Beach Sunny Beach Smolino 2:00 55° 6'35.30"N
36 23.07.2019 18:17   30 10 Arrival at the parking lot Chelyabinsk   55°10'31.38"N
  24.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
37 24.07.2019 15:35 16:05 70 391 Camping Robinson Tyumen 0:30 56°56'35.53"N
38 24.07.2019 16:30 17:30 60 25 Embankment of the Tura River 1:00 57° 8'18.74"N
39 24.07.2019 17:44 18:24 30 7 Holy Trinity Monastery and Square of St. Philotheus 0:40  57°10'9.76"N
40 24.07.2019 18:53   60 29 Arriving at the Robinson Camping   56°56'35.53"N
  25.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
41 25.07.2019 12:59   70 209 Camping "Rusich" Zavodoukovsky district rest   56°26'15.98"N
  26.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
42 26.07.2019 15:42 16:12 70 399 Arrival in Omsk to the parking lot 0:30  54°59'37.56"N
43 26.07.2019 16:34 17:34 30 11 Holy Assumption Cathedral 1:00  54°59'24.59"N
44 26.07.2019 17:40 19:40 10 1 Omsk Academic Drama Theater 2:00  54°59'16.72"N
45 26.07.2019 20:00   30 10 Return to the parking lot   54°59'37.56"N
  27.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
46 27.07.2019 15:10   70 362 Novosibirsk region, Barabinsky district. Motel "Lanta" rest   55°19'50.88"N
  28.07.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
47 28.07.2019 13:30 14:30 70 315 Arrival at the living complex "Friday" 1:00 55° 6'44.04"N
48 28.07.2019 14:50 15:20 60 20 Monastery New Martyrs of Russia 0:30  54°58'31.79"N
49 28.07.2019 15:42 16:12 30 11 Cathedral of the Ascension 0:30 55° 2'32.52"N
50 28.07.2019 16:30 17:00 10 3 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral 0:30 55° 1'10.36"N
51 28.07.2019 17:12 19:12 10 2 Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater 2:00 55° 1'48.80"N
52 28.07.2019 19:34   30 11 Arriving at the campsite "Friday"   55° 6'44.04"N
  29.07.2019   12:00     Start of movement    
53 29.07.2019 15:35   70 251 Arrival in Kemerovo to the parking lot    55°20'48.83"N
86° 5'57.80"E
  30.07.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
54 30.07.2019 16:32 17:02 70 528 Arrival in Krasnoyarsk to the parking lot in the shopping center "Planet" 0:30  56° 3'2.46"N
55 30.07.2019 17:18 18:18 30 8 The house of the merchant Tsukerman 1:00 56° 0'50.56"N
56 30.07.2019 18:24 20:24 20 2 Communal Bridge and the Yenisei Embankment 2:00 56° 0'19.18"N
57 30.07.2019 20:44   30 10 Arriving at the parking lot in the shopping center "Planet"   56° 3'2.46"N
  31.07.2019   10:00     Start of movement    
58 31.07.2019 13:17 13:37 70 230 Arriving at the parking lot in Kansk 0:20  56°13'11.45"N
59 31.07.2019 13:43 14:43 10 1 Walk through the city center 1:00  56°13'8.07"N
60   14:49   10 1 Return to the parking lot   56°13'11.45"N
  31.07.2019   15:00     Start of movement    
61 31.07.2019 19:28   70 313 Overnight in Nizhneudinsk.    54°54'3.11"N
99° 1'39.17"E
  01.08.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
62 01.08.2019 16:30 17:00 70 526 Arrival at Anchuk «rest house» 0:30  52°16'6.17"N
63 01.08.2019 17:20 18:20 30 10 Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God 1:00  52°15'46.09"N
64 01.08.2019 18:34 19:34 30 7 Epiphany Cathedral 1:00  52°17'31.86"N
65 01.08.2019 19:48   30 7 Return to Anchuk «rest house»    52°16'6.17"N
  02.08.2019   9:00     Start of movement    
66 02.08.2019 12:40   70 257 Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"    53° 1'34.72"N
  03.08.2019   9:00     Departure for a tour    
67 03.08.2019 9:25 15:25 70 30 Tour of the Sarma Gorge 6:00 53° 7'31.55"N
68 03.08.2019 15:52 17:52 60 27 Boat trip on the evening small sea 2:00  53° 1'34.72"N
69 03.08.2019 18:19   60 27 Return to the recreation center "Baikal Track"    53° 1'34.72"N
70 04.08.2019         Boat trip around Olkhon Island 7:00 53° 1'34.72"N
71 05.08.2019         Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"    53° 1'34.72"N
  05.08.2019   10:00     Departure for excursion Lake Shara-Nur (Olkhon)    
72 05.08.2019 10:54 17:54 50 45 Lake Shara-Nur (Olkhon) 7:00  53° 6'16.49"N
73 05.08.2019 18:48   50 45 Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"   53° 1'34.72"N
  06.08.2019   10:00     Departure for excursion Cape Burkhan or Shamanka rock (Olkhon)    
74 06.08.2019 11:00 18:00 50 50 Cape Burkhan or Shamanka rock (Olkhon) 7:00  53°12'13.85"N
75 06.08.2019 19:00   50 50 Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"   53° 1'34.72"N
  07.08.2019   9:00     Departure in the village Listvyanka    
76 07.08.2019 10:26 16:26 60 86 Listvyanka 6:00  52°30'7.76"N
106° 2'14.41"E
77 07.08.2019 17:52   60 86 Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"   53° 1'34.72"N
  08.08.2019         Free time    
  09.08.2019   9:00     Departure to the sandy bay    
78 09.08.2019 12:04 18:04 60 184  Cove  Sandy 6:00  52°15'38.48"N
79 09.08.2019 21:08   60 184 Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"   53° 1'34.72"N
  10.08.2019   10:00     Departure for an excursion to the Holy Nose Peninsula    
80 10.08.2019         Excursion to the peninsula of Holy Nose on the ship 7:00  53°40'59.94"N
81 10.08.2019 18:00       Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"   53° 1'34.72"N
  11.08.2019   10:00     Departure for a tour of Ushkanye Islands on a ship    
82 11.08.2019         Ushkany Islands 7:00  53°48'52.49"N
83 11.08.2019 18:00       Arrival at the recreation center "Baikal Track"   53° 1'34.72"N
  12.08.2019         Departure return journey    





July 15. Poland, Braniewo. Collection point for caravaners from Europe.

Our first Meeting point of European caravaners is Braniewo – Poland!We will meeting on the squre near roman catholic basilica! Branevo- it is a small cozy border town. In this town we are meeting with caravaners from european countries in order to cross the russian-polish border without problem and go to Lithuania !


July 16

The path to Baikal will pass through the beautiful Lithuania!Here we are stoping in camping vilnus city!

Lithuania -one of the three "pearls" of the Baltic States, which has a sufficient number of interesting sights that contain the heritage of the past. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius and the second most populous city in the Baltic States after Riga. Vilnius is worth it to walk on and on, exploring the beautiful old streets of the Old Town. Vilnius makes a special impression from a height, from where it charms with its bright terracotta roofs.

According to the plan we will visit the old town and the Catholic Church!

Old Town is the main attraction of Vilnius, which includes various architectural monuments, streets and hills.

Catholic church, a monument of Gothic architecture, one of the most famous sights of Vilnius.


July 17

Next we stop in beautiful Latvia.We will stop at Razna National Park at Siveri campsite.This national park was created to protect Lake Razna, which is the second largest lake in Latvia.


July 18

The next city will already on the territory of Russia and we will get acquainted with the city of Velikie Luki. It Is located in the Pskov Region. And it is unique in its history!

50 km. to the city there is a comfortable camping "Zhizhiland", on the European level of safety, comfort and variety of entertainment, where we are going to make a stop.

If you wish, you can go to the city center and walk around the city Velikie Luki!

There is a beautiful temple . The name of St. Tikhon, the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, which is named in honor of our countryman - the Patriarch, St. Tikhon. And of course we will visit such an interesting structure as Fortress Velikie Luki!

These fortresses had a significant impact on the formation and development of the spatial structure of the city.


July 19

The capital and heart of Russia is Moscow!

We will make a stop in camping Sokolniki!Almost in the center of Moscow in the park –Sokolniki!Here we are meeting with Russian caravaners and already full composition of our caravaners will enjoy our trip!

In Moscow, the political, scientific, historical, architectural and business center of Russia, the contrasts peculiar to this country are especially pronounced. In this 10-millionth city, antiquity and modernity intersect now and then. Go down to the richly decorated metro and go to Red Square, look at the Kremlin, the nine domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the KGB Museum and other symbols of the great and dreadful past of Moscow.

First of all, we will visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior - the main temple of Russia. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia performs the liturgia here.

Next we will visit the Bolshoi Moscow Theater. One of the largest in Russia and one of the most significant theater of opera and ballet in the world.

We will also visit Red Square - the main square of the country with a long history.


July 20

The next point of the trip, where we will arrive is the old russian city with a long history of great past and great future - this is Nizhny Novgorod

The road to Nizhny Novgorod will pass through forests and lakes, old Russian houses and churches!. That makes the coloring of Russian lands feel.

Nizhny Novgorod - the capital of the Volga region and the fifth largest metropolis of Russia, leading its history from the XIII century.

Nizhny, as the townspeople call it, and today has kept the spirit of antiquity. The Volga Pearl impresses with an abundance of historical, cultural and architectural monuments; it is rightfully included in hundreds of cities included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Here we will visit with you Blagoveshchensky monastery- one of the most beautiful cathedrals .Be sure to go inside, only in this case, you can estimate the volume of this amazing cathedral.

Famous for its beauty in Nizhny Novgorod the Nizhny Novgorod Cable Car. Cableway across the Volga between Nizhny Novgorod and Bor!

And the journey around Nizhny Novgorod will not pass without visiting the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin - main attraction of the city. It began to be erected at the beginning of the 16th century, in the end it turned out the whole city, which was supposed to protect from the raids of the Tatars.


July 21

We arrive to Kazan at the Regatta Hotel

Kazan is the “third” capital of Russia, having fun away its 1000th anniversary, modern and archaic at the same time. Perhaps this is the most unpredictable city in the whole country, because here, not only the culture of the East and West, but also religion are mixed. And on the other - futuristic skyscrapers of the 21st century. Mosque and an orthodox church are side by side; girls, in headscarves — both religions — rush along the streets, hurrying to serve.

You can walk around Kazan and enjoy this city full of originality and beauty all day long.

One of the main attractions is Kul-Sharif- the main cathedral Juma Mosque of the Republic of Tatarstan and the city of Kazan (since 2005)

Also, a trip to this magical city will not pass without visiting Kazan Kremlin, the oldest part of Kazan, a complex of architectural, historical and archaeological monuments that reveal the centuries-old history of the city.It is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.


July 22

The next city is Ufa where we stop at the camping M5 Ufa

A city in the Russian Federation, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Be sure to visit the monument to Mustai Karim is a bronze monument dedicated to the great Bashkir poet, installed in the center of Ufa near the House of Trade Unions.

We will also visit the most famous monument of the city of Ufa, a monument to Salavat Yulaev. This monument is even depicted on the coat of arms of the Republic of Bashkortostan. He became the hallmark of Ufa and Bashkiria.

Most days, our motor homes will ride through the Ural Mountains!

The beauty of the road leading from town to town resembles a magical forest against the background of the Ural mountains, where bears come out on the road and want to greet tourists passing by! The beauty of the Ural Mountains is beyond words, but you need to see it with your own eyes.


July 23

Arriving in Chelyabinsk!

Chelyabinsk, on the slopes of the Ural Mountains, is one of the largest cities in Russia. Located on the border of two continents - Europe and Asia, it is famous for its numerous attractions. Old cobbled streets, beautiful cathedrals and churches, magnificent buildings of past centuries and picturesque corners of nature - all this is Chelyabinsk or, as it is also called, the capital of the Southern Urals.

There are many interesting beaches in Chelyabinsk, where you can stop at your camper and sunbathe! You can also visit such sights as the museum-aquarium, the concert hall Rodina.


July 24

The next destination – Tyumen! There we are stoping in camping Robinzon!

We start our acquaintance with Tyumen with a business card of the city - the embankment of the Tura River.

The embankment of the Tura River is the only four-tier structure of this type in Russia. In the morning there are a few people here, so that no one will hurt to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of this place.

Next we look

Svyato-Troitskiy Monastery

The uniqueness of the monastery lies in the fact that it was built at the time of the ban by Peter I on the construction of stone in all cities except St. Petersburg. Currently, the monastery is a place of pilgrimage for residents of Siberia and the Urals.


July 25

Having started the movement From Tyumen to Omsk, we will stop to take a break in Zavodoukovsky district in the camping Rusich! And gain strength before the next busy day.


July 26

So. We are coming to Omsk to camping Omich.

Omsk - one of the largest cities in Russia. The city with more than 300 years of history is interesting for its architecture, culture and traditions. It was from these places that the development of Eastern Siberia by the Russian Empire began. In omsk region picturesque nature, rich flora and fauna. Here the real Russian weather reigns with harsh snowy winters and hot summers.

We will visit with you

Svyato-Uspenskiy Cathedral- the largest temple of Omsk, which is included in the catalog of world temple culture and is considered a unique monument of Russian architecture.

Omsk Academic Drama Theater

The Omsk Academic Drama Theater claims to be the oldest theater in Siberia. The theater building, built in 1905, is considered a monument of architecture of federal significance.


July 27

For a rest We will make a stop in the Novosibirsk region, in the Barabinsky district. In the motel "Lanta".


July 28

We are coming to Novosibirsk in camping Pyatnitsa!

Novosibirsk-the third largest city in Russia by population, is widely spread on both banks of the Ob, every year it spreads to all directions of the world. His story goes deep back in the distant years. Previously, he was called Novo-Nikolaevsk, thanks to Nicholas II. Now this majestic and beautiful city of our country is growing and flourishing every day, delighting its guests with a mass of bright sights.

Staying in this city will not pass without visiting such sights as Monastery New Martyrs of Russia -one of the most beautiful monasteries in Novosibirsk.

Cathedral of the Ascension-the first wooden church in honor of the Ascension of the Lord was built in the city of Novonikolayevsk in 1913.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral- Beautiful Cathedral, made of brick

Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater- founded in 1945. It is one of the leading theaters in Russia.


July 29

One of the big and beautiful city is Krasnoyarsk. From Novosibirsk to Krasnoyarsk 794 km, which will pass through the expanses of Russia! Therefore we will stop halfway to the gathering point to take a break from the road. Recreation point is Kemero.


July 30

We are coming to Krasnoyarsk.

We stop at a large parking near the shopping center "Planet"

Krasnoyarsk is the largest city in Eastern Siberia and one of the largest economic, industrial, educational and cultural centers of this vast geographic region. Despite the fact that there are a lot of industrial enterprises in Krasnoyarsk, the ecological situation in the city and the general level of its improvement are such that it is often set as an example to other large megacities of Russia.

Here we take a look at the Communal Bridge and walk along the embankment of the Yenisei River, which are famous for their beautiful unforgettable views. We make beautiful photos. And we will have an unforgettable time.

We will also visit the house of the merchant Zuckerman.

Looks like a teremok from fairy tales - it is so pretty, neat and richly decorated.


July 31

Further, our journey will pass through the real Russian Siberian taiga! On the way to Irkutsk, we will enjoy clean air, rivers, lakes. Make beautiful photos! The uniqueness of this road is real wild animals, bears often come out on the road to meet tourists! You can stop in one of their picturesque places by the river! You can also stay in the village of Nizhnyudinsk.

On the way, we will also visit a very cute city with a long history -Kansk, where we will see the Kansky local history museum!


August 1

So, the prefinal city in front of our final destination - IRKUTSK


On the way to Irkutsk, you can also enjoy all the beauties of Taiga and watch the local wild animals. Swim in the lakes and fishing!

Irkutsk is famous for the diversity and beauty of its cathedrals!

We will visit with you:

Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God

Cathedral of the Epiphany

It s Cathedrals beautiful architecture, which is worth to bypass along-across

All this beauty we will see in this city.


August 2

Finally We are going to Baikal

On the way to the Baikal you can stop in a picturesque Siberian place and fishing, enjoying the clean air of Taiga!

Baikal is beautiful all year round, and a motor home gives you the opportunity not to deny yourself the pleasure of feeling the magic of Baikal at any time. !

The coast of Baikal is a huge territory, adjacent to two thousand kilometers of coastline.

Lake Baikal is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places not only in the Asian part of our country, and on the entire planet. This is the oldest lake (its age is about 25-35 million years). It is the largest reservoir of fresh water on Earth.

It should also be noted that Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and since 1996 it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


August 3

Excursion in the sarminsky gorge

Sarminsky gorge is one of the interesting places of Baikal, where the strongest Baikal wind is formed - Sarma, the speed of which can reach 60 m / s. For millions of years, the ice stream of the Sarma River was washed in the Primorsky Ridge of a powerful gorge, which is called Sarmay.

Boat trip on the Small Sea. The water here is considered to be the warmest at Baikal.


August 4

Walk on the ship around Olkhon Island. The largest island on Baikal, the sacred land for all surrounding nations, inhabited by spirits. A gorgeous place! Sandy beaches, picturesque nature, rocky capes attract many tourists here.


August 5

Excursion to the lake Shara-Nur (Olkhon).

This is a small mineral lake on Olkhon. Translated from Buryat this word means "yellow lake". it was so nicknamed because in the summer its banks are covered with a large number of buttercups. There are so many of them that from a distance the coast seems quite yellow. The water of Shara-Nur is rich in iron, and when bathing the body appears red. The lake is also famous for its healing mud.


August 6

Departure for an excursion to Cape Burkhan or Shamanka (Olkhon) rock. This is one of the nine shrines of Asia, which has become a kind of hallmark of the lake, one of the most famous key images of Lake Baikal: no film or photo album about Lake Baikal can do without its image.


August 7

Be sure to visit the village Listvyanka. The most visited tourist place on Lake Baikal. We descend to the observation deck, to the Nerpinary, to the Baikal Museum, ride horses or jet ski.


August 8

On this day, you can do what you want. Fishing, boat trips, horseback riding or quad bike.


August 9

Departure to the Sandy Bay. One of the most picturesque sights of Baikal, famous primarily for its “stilted” trees, formed due to weathering of the soil, and a chic sandy beach.


August 10

Excursion to the peninsula of svyatoy nos on the ship. Its territory is part of the Trans-Baikal National Park, and the highest point of 1880 meters above sea level - here you can climb and watch Olkhon, the Ushkany islands and other surroundings.


August 11

Departure for a tour of Ushkany Islands on the ship. On the rocky beaches of these small islands (near the Holy Nose) is the favorite place of the Baikal seal. Here they crawl out to the shore in hundreds, at which point they can be captured from the water.


August 12

The return trip to Moscow will take about 12 days.


If you want to leave the city bustle, feel the greatness of the elements , touch the inexhaustible source of natural strength and power ,enjoy to us in incredible trip through the all Russia and of course to the pearl of eastern siberia , the deepest lake on the planet -Baikal.

The link to fill out the participant's profile is in the description under the video! We are waiting of your participation!

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